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Atividades Country or Nationality

1- Fill in the blanks with the correct country or nationality.

a- She’s from the United States.
She’s _______________.

b- He’s from ______________.
He’s Australian.

c- They’re from Japan.
They’re _______________.

d- We’re from _______________.
We’re Guatemalan.

e- I’m from Brazil.
I’m _______________.

f- He’s from Mexico.
He’s _______________.

2- Complete the sentences. Use am, are, or is.
a- They ________ from Guatemala.
b- I ________ Spanish.
e-  Peter ________ a doctor.
f - Mario and Mia ________ American
3- Fill in the blanks. Use the short forms below.

    I’m  /  She’s  /  We’re  /  They’re

a- Ron and Shelly are 13. _________ British.
 b- Hi! I’m Gina. Tessa is my friend. _________ students.
 c- Hello. My name’s Ben. _________ from Australia.
d- Anita is an actress. _________ 25 years old.
 4- Read the text. Circle T (True) or F (False). Correct the false sentences. 

Ruth is a doctor. She’s from New York, in the United States. She’s 30 years old. She’s at work right now. She isn’t bored. She’s happy!

Sara isn’t a doctor. She’s a firefighter. She’s 25, and she’s British. Right now she isn’t bored, and she isn’t cold. She’s hot!

a-  Ruth is Brazilian.   T / F
b- Ruth is 25.   T / F
c- Ruth is happy.   T / F
d- Sara is a doctor.   T / F
e- Sara is 35 years old.   T / F
f-  Sara is from the United Kingdom.   T / F

5- Fill in the blanks with negative forms. Use isn’t or aren’t.
a.       Sue __________ an artist.
b.      Maria and Li Mei __________ models.
c.       David __________ a firefighter.
d.      Paulo and Lisa __________ doctors.
e.      Liang __________ an actor.
f.        Angelo and Carla __________ students.
g.       Keiko __________ a builder.
h.      Martin and Rob __________ soccer players. 

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